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Indústria Têxtil ,SENAI CETIQT - Centro de Tecnologia da Indústria Química e Têxtil. Planta piloto de tecelagem.
Indústria Textil

Over 70% of industrial firms struggle to get raw materials

Among the sectors with most difficulties meeting customers’ demands are: metallurgy, auto vehicles, machinery and equipment, furniture, textiles, cellulose and paper, wood, machines and electrical materials, metal goods, and plastic material.


Daily COVID-19 deaths hit new record in Brazil: 4,249

This brings the total amount of people who succumbed to COVID-19 up to 345,025. There are also 3,572 deaths under investigation by health teams.

Antônio Barra Torres,

COVID-19: We’re far from the end, says Anvisa head

Antônio Barra Torres, director-president of Brazil’s national sanitary authority Anvisa,argues Brazil is at the mercy of producers of vaccine supplies.

Vacina de Oxford/AstraZeneca

Brazil drug watchdog calls for update in Oxford vaccine package insert

“These are very rare cases of blood clot formation linked to thrombocytopenia—a reduction in the number of platelets (cell fragments that help clot the blood). In some cases, the bleeding may be associated with vaccine use. The cases were reported in a few countries,” Anvisa declared.


COVID-19: Brazil sees 3,829 deaths, 92,625 infected in 24h

The country reached 340,776 lives lost to the pandemic of the novel coronavirus, as per the report released Wednesday (Apr. 7) by the Health Ministry.