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Fábrica da Volkswagen em Wolfsburg, na Alemanha
Human Rights

Volkswagen inks deal to compensate for violations in military regime

A Conduct Adjustment Term was signed—an extrajudicial deal stipulating the duties the company must fulfill in order not to have further motions imposed.

Rio de Janeiro - Em ato Contra o Genocídio da Juventude Negra, manifestantes protestam contra a morte de cinco jovens negros por PMs no último sábado (28), em Costa Barros, na zona norte (Tomaz Silva/Agência Brasil)
Human Rights

Racism, violence still assail Brazilian children and teenagers

We’ve been under a false ideology of racial democracy, when really all school contents and references to access to public policies are white", says Mario Volpi, coordinator of the Citizenship Program for Adolescents at the United Nations International Children’s Fund (Unicef).
 A ministra da Mulher, da Família e dos Direitos Humanos, Damares Alves, participa de evento em celebração aos 29 anos do Estatuto da Criança e do Adolescente (ECA) e entrega de oito veículos para Conselhos Tutelares do Distrito Federal.
Human Rights

Brazil’s Statute of the Child and Adolescent now 30 years old

ECA originates from Article 227 and consolidates the debate preceding it, declaring children and adolescents subjects endowed with rights, for whom full protection must be guaranteed, in addition to opportunities of development with liberty and dignity.
Human Rights

Red Cross expands immigrant posts in Roraima

The migrants coming to Brazil through Venezuela will have 13 new service stations to facilitate communication with their families in the cities of Boa Vista and Pacaraima, in the northern state of Roraima, which will now have 17 posts for this purpose.

Human Rights

Brazil retains position in 2019 Human Development Index

In 2019, Brazil retained its 79th position on the ranking with 189 countries organized by their Human Development Index (HDI). In Latin America, it ranks fourth, below Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay. The increase was 0.001 point from the previous score.