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Human Rights

Red Cross expands immigrant posts in Roraima

The migrants coming to Brazil through Venezuela will have 13 new service stations to facilitate communication with their families in the cities of Boa Vista and Pacaraima, in the northern state of Roraima, which will now have 17 posts for this purpose.

Human Rights

Brazil retains position in 2019 Human Development Index

In 2019, Brazil retained its 79th position on the ranking with 189 countries organized by their Human Development Index (HDI). In Latin America, it ranks fourth, below Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay. The increase was 0.001 point from the previous score.

Human Rights

Unicef: Brazil’s child mortality rate sees historic decline

The United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) is holding a session at the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo today (Nov. 27) to mark the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Human Rights

Oxfam: Temporary fruit farm workers live in poverty

Temporary workers on fruit farms in the Brazilian Northeast are being subjected to degrading practices and low pay, despite the sector being made up of well structured companies boasting a number of certifications.

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Human Rights

Brasília to host int’l conference on indigenous languages

The University of Brasília (UnB) today (Oct 1) is hosting the II International Conference on the Revitalization of Indigenous and Minoritized Languages.