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Brasília - Bloco de Carnaval, Eduardo e Mônica
Human Rights

Government plans efforts to protect women during Carnival

Efforts include the No Means No protocol wherever alcohol is sold, which seeks to enforce women’s right to be taken away from aggressors and be protected by people of their choice while in the establishment or as they wait for transportation.

Desocupação da Terra Indígena Ajarani - Yanomami
Human Rights

Brazil to support Yanomami indigenous people with permanent structure

The new structure will not only coordinate public efforts but will also involve a permanent presence of the Federal Police and the Armed Forces in the region.

Alto Alegre (RR), 10/02/2023 - Áreas de garimpo ilegal na Terra Indígena Yanomami vistas em sobrevoo ao longo do rio Mucajaí. Foto: Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil
Human Rights

Lula defends use of government apparatus against illegal mining

The president met with ministers a year after the humanitarian crisis in the Yanomami indigenous territory came to light.

São Paulo (SP), 27/11/2023 - Refugiados afegãos com visto humanitário acampam no Aeroporto Internacional de Guarulhos a espera de abrigo. Foto: Rovena Rosa/Agência Brasil
Human Rights

São Paulo’s Guarulhos Airport has 122 Afghans waiting for shelter

Officials said that municipal services provide emergency assistance to incoming Afghans with humanitarian visas. The airport has been receiving an influx of refugees from Afghanistan since 2021.

Lei que permite casamento gay entra em vigor na Alemanha (Reuters/Fabian Bimmer/Direitos Reservados)
Human Rights

Same-sex marriages in Brazil up 149% in nine years

The country registered 59,620 same-sex unions from 2013 to 2021—0.6% of all marriages in the period. The number represents a surge of 148.7% in nine years, with 3,700 records in 2013 and 9,202 in 2021.