Últimas notícias International

O Brasil tem a maior biodiversidade vegetal do mundo.São 55 mil espécies de plantas — cerca de 22% das 250 mil do planeta.

Brazil joins Nagoya Protocol on biodiversity

The document aims to promote the fair and equitable sharing of benefits stemming from the use of genetic resources of biological diversity, like plants, animals, and micro-organisms, as well as the traditional knowledge associated with them.

Embraer 190

Brazil ends dispute over Canada’s subsidies to Bomdardier

In the view of the Brazilian government, the subsidies of over $3 billion “distorted the conditions for competition in the commercial aviation market and caused significant losses to Brazilian company Embraer,” which also manufactures medium-reach aircraft. “

Presidente da França, Emmanuel Macron, fala com policiais na fronteira entre França e Espanha

Gov’t says Brazilian soybeans do not “export deforestation”

“The statement made by French President Emmanuel Macron on Brazilian soybeans shows utter lack of knowledge about the process of growing the product imported by the French, and brings disinformation to his fellow countrymen,” the statement reads.

Senador eleito por Mato Grosso do Sul, Nelsinho Trad (PTB).

Representatives from nine countries bring back Amazon Parliament

Created 32 years ago, the group aims to establish integrated policies and deepen relations between member countries in the discussion on Amazon-related issues, promoting cooperation and sustainable development in the Amazon region.