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Idosos na região central de Brasília.

Life expectancy at birth in Brazil stands at 75.5 years in 2022

Unlike previous years, the study is based on the 2022 Demographic Census instead of revised population projections from 2018, derived from the 2010 Census.

Brasília (DF) - Caminhos da Reportagem - Alunos do curso técnico de gastronomia do instituto federal de Brasília.
A taxa de desemprego no Brasil é de 8,8%, segundo a pesquisa mais recente do IBGE. Já entre os jovens de 18 a 24 anos, esse índice é o dobro: 18%.
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Brazil has over 190 thousand new formal jobs in October

The result brings the year-to-date balance to 1,784,695 new jobs across all states in four of the five economic groups that make up the official survey.

Dinheiro, Real Moeda brasileira
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Brazil’s federal tax revenue totals BRL 215.6 bi in October

The result represents a real increase of 0.1 percent from October 2022. January through October, tax collection reached BRL 1.9 tri—a real decrease of 0.68% against the first ten months last year.

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Brazilian industry takes action to step up sustainability

A survey shows that most of Brazil’s industrial companies have adopted measures to reduce the generation of solid waste, optimize energy consumption, and make water use more efficient.

Edifício sede da Petrobras

Petrobras' strategic plan foresees investments of $102 billion

According to the company, the primary objective is to initiate the integration of energy sources to facilitate a "fair and responsible" energy transition.