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Indústria Têxtil ,SENAI CETIQT - Centro de Tecnologia da Indústria Química e Têxtil. Planta piloto de tecelagem.
Indústria Textil

Over 70% of industrial firms struggle to get raw materials

Among the sectors with most difficulties meeting customers’ demands are: metallurgy, auto vehicles, machinery and equipment, furniture, textiles, cellulose and paper, wood, machines and electrical materials, metal goods, and plastic material.

6ª rodada de concessões aeroportuárias

Gov’t makes $590.7 mi from auction of 22 airports

The Ministry of Infrastructure reports that the terminals—where 24 million passengers circulate every year—should receive approximately $1 billion in investment, in addition to the amounts paid for the contract award.

Moeda Nacional, Real, Dinheiro, notas de real,Cédulas do real

Pandemic raised federal gov’t’s expenditures by 16% in 2020

Costs stemming from the emergency allowance and the employment protection program ($57.6 billion) showed the largest contribution in making financial costs grow 19 percent in 2020.

Rio Verde (GO) - Obras de implantação do Polo de Cargas do Sudoeste de Goiás da Ferrovia Norte-Sul, trecho Rio Verde-Santa Helena de Goiás (Beth Santos/Secretaria-Geral da PR)

Auction week in Brazil expected to bring in $1.75 bi

The country’s Infrastructure Ministry estimates the leasing and concession deals should generate upwards of 200 thousand direct and indirect jobs.


Dollar sees sharpest daily plunge in weeks, closes out March at R$5.62

After today’s decline, the US currency wrapped up March up only 0.5 percent, even though it neared R$5.80 on March 9.