Gov’t makes $115.9 million in port auctions in Pará

Investments should add up to $108.7 million

Published in 05/04/2019 - 16:57 By Luciano Nascimento - Brasília

The government made $115.9 million after six port terminals were auctioned in Pará state, held at the São Paulo Stock Exchange B3 on Friday (Apr. 5). The concessions encompassed five areas in the Porto Organizado de Belém and one in the Vila do Conde port, in Barcarena.

All terminals have the transport of liquid bulk cargo, especially fuel, as their main purpose. The government expects investments totaling $108.7 million. Concession deals have terms ranging from 15 to 25 years, and can be renewed to up to 70 years. Under the rules, the minimum bid for all lots was $0.40.


The first block was won by consortium Latitude at $10.3 million. The area called BEL 02A encompasses 46,627 m² and has a static storage capacity of 41,872 tons.

Petróleo Sabbá bid slightly more than $15.5 million for the second block, a 28,272-m³ area named BEL 02B, with a static storage capacity of 28,272 tons.

The third block, BEL 04, was won by Ipiranga at $22.5 million. Boasting 26,200 m², the terminal has a storage capacity of 18,200 tons.

Block number four was ceded to Petrobras Distribuidora, which offered over $12.9 million. The area, BEL 08, has 50,700 m² and a storage capacity of 49,821 tons.

The fifth block, BEL 09, went to Transpetro, which bid $7.8 million for the 37,600 m² area, with a storage capacity of 13,997 tons.

The last block, Vila do Conde, received the highest value in the auction—$46.7 million, for the Terminal Químico de Aratu (Tequimar). The enterprise, still in its planning phase, has an area of 47 thousand m² and capacity for 4 million tons.


This is the second auction of port terminals in less than a month. The next auctions in the sector are still being organized by the government. A tender offer for another three terminals is expected to be released in April, two of them at the Santos port, in São Paulo, and another at the Paranaguá port, in Paraná. Investments are expected to reach $103.5 million.

Translation: Fabrício Ferreira -  Edition: Renata Giraldi / Nira Foster

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