Brazilian Elite Boxing Championship brings together Olympic medalists

Rio will also host the 1st International Boxing Grand Prix

Published in 05/07/2022 - 10:48 By Agência Brasil - Rio de Janeiro

The Brazilian Elite Boxing Championship started today (Jul. 5) in Rio de Janeiro. 173 athletes from all over the country participate in the event, among them Beatriz Ferreira (silver at the Tokyo Games and current world runner-up - 60 kg), Keno Marley (world runner-up - 86 kg), and Abner Teixeira (bronze in Tokyo - 90 kg). The competition runs until Sunday (10).

The fights will take place in the Olympic Park, and will be broadcast live on the YouTube channel of the Brazilian Boxing Confederation (CBBoxe). The program and the results will be published daily, after 10:30 pm, on the confederation´s website.

International Grand Prix

Next week, starting on July 14, the Olympic Park Velodrome will host the 1st International Grand Prix, with 52 athletes from countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Panama, Paraguay, and Ecuador, among others. Men and women will compete in 13 weight categories.

After the two major competitions, the Olympic Park may host 2023 an event in the qualifying calendar for the 2024 Paris Games, president of CBBoxe Marcos Cândido de Brito explained.

“We want to create a virtuous circle. The carrying out of reference events encourages kids, coaches, and the development of projects, so more athletes can reach higher levels and compete internationally. Brazil can only profit," Brito stated.

Translation: Mário Nunes -  Edition: Cláudia Soares Rodrigues

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