Brazil bag paracanoe silver, bronze in Canada

Luis Carlos Cardoso and Mari Santilli are bringing the medals home

Published in 05/08/2022 - 15:23 By Agência Brasil - Rio de Janeiro

Brazil climbed the podium twice this Friday (Aug 5) at the World Paracanoeing Championships in Halifax, Canada. Vice-champion in Tokyo Olympics, Luis Carlos Cardoso won silver again in the 200-meter KL1 (a kayak race with athletes using arms only). Also on the podium was Mari Santilli, who bagged the bronze medal in her debut in the 200m VL3 (Hawaiian canoe; competitors use arms, trunk, and legs while paddling).

Just as in the Tokyo Games, Luís Carlos, from Piauí state, let the gold slip to the same opponent: Hungarian Peter Kiss, who crossed the finish line in 48s40. The Brazilian came second (49s14), and the bronze went to Frenchman Remy Bolle (50s98).

“I’m so happy. I’ve been in canoeing for ten years, and I’ve been winning a medal every year. This year couldn’t be any different. I almost got the first place, but I’ll keep working harder for the top position,” Luís Carlos said right after the race.

Mari Santilli conquista bronze no Mundial de Paracanoagem 2022
In her debut in the VL3 category, Mari Santilli secured the bronze at the Paracanoeing World Championships, behind only the experienced British Charlotte Henshaw (gold) and Hope Gordon (silver) – Fabio Canhete / CBCa / Rights reserved.

Mari Santilli, from the state of Paraná, also celebrated her bronze medal, her first medal in the Hawaiian canoe. She came third in in the 200m VL3 race, with 1m03s97, behind the experienced British Charlote Henshaw (59s58), gold medalist, and Hope Gordon (1m00s84), who took the silver.

“I’m a baby, a first-timer, they are more experienced, so I’ll have to wait for 2023,” said Santilli, who will compete again at 10:52 this Saturday (6), in the final for the 200m kayak (KL3).

Translation: Fabrício Ferreira -  Edition: Cláudia Soares Rodrigues

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