Afghan judges threatened by Taliban land in Brazil

The group has seven female, three male judges, plus family members

Published in 20/10/2021 - 14:52 By Andreia Verdélio - Brasília

Ten Afghan magistrates and their family members who received a humanitarian visa from the Brazilian government are landing in Brasília today. In all, 26 people have arrived in Brazil from the Asian country since Monday (Oct. 18).

The group comprises seven female and three male judges. The flights bringing their families to Brazil came from Turkey, North Macedonia, and Greece.

The move is being spearheaded by bodies like the Association of Brazilian Magistrates (AMB) and the Association of Federal Judges of Brazil (Ajufe), after it was disclosed that 270 female judges were vulnerable for serving in their positions—in some cases for having tried and condemned members of the Taliban regime, which took power in Afghanistan.

Early in September, the Ministries of Foreign Relations and Justice and Public Security ruled over the grant of a temporary visa and residence permit to provide humanitarian shelter to Afghans, stateless people, and people affected by the situation in Afghanistan.

Translation: Fabrício Ferreira -  Edition: Fernando Fraga / Nira Foster

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