PF fights distribution of child pornography material in the country

Action fulfills 104 search and seizure warrants and preventive arrests

Published in 03/12/2021 - 10:12 By Agência Brasil - Brasília

Criminals who used the so-called darkweb to disseminate child sexual abuse material in Brazil and in various parts of the world are targeted by Operation Lobos II, by the Federal Police (PF), this Friday (3).

The action is being fulfilled 104 search and seizure warrants and eight preventive arrest warrants, distributed in 20 states and the Federal District. According to the Federal Police, in addition to identifying and arresting sexual abusers and consumers of this type of material, the operation intends to locate and rescue children who are in situations of extreme violence. The crimes investigated are the sale, production, dissemination and storage of child pornography and the rape of a vulnerable person, without prejudice to others that may arise as the investigation continues.


Since 2016, the Federal Police has established partnerships with police forces from different countries to identify individuals who used the darkweb to spread child sexual abuse material. Criminals acted through division of tasks (recruiters, administrators, moderators, hosting support providers, material producers, image disseminators, among others) in order to produce and carry out the dissemination of images, photos and comments about sexual abuse of children and adolescents and, still, to feed the demand for this type of material.

“The international union of efforts allowed the identification of a Brazilian individual who used the deepweb to host and manage five of the largest child sexual abuse websites in the entire world web. The darkweb sites and forums were divided by theme, with images and videos of sexual abuse of children from zero to five years old, sexual abuse with torture, sexual abuse of boys and sexual abuse of girls", detailed the PF in a statement.

The sites were used by more than 1.8 million users around the world to post, acquire and retransmit materials related to sexual violence against children and adolescents, giving the dimension of the need to confront the main promoters of this type of criminal conduct. .

Led by the PF in Brazil, the international union managed to identify and arrest the main person responsible for the websites dedicated to the sexual abuse of children and adolescents, in an action that was called Operation Lobos. At the time, the investigative effort was not publicized in order to make possible the arrests of producers and consumers of this type of criminal material and the rescue of child victims around the world.

Confidential investigations allowed the identification and location of dozens of individuals in Brazil involved in the production and dissemination of material involving sexual abuse against children and adolescents.

Text translated using artificial intelligence.

Edition: Valéria Aguiar

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