In far-north Brazil, Brasiléia records highest flood ever

The region is close to the border with Bolivia

Published on 29/02/2024 - 14:20 By Daniella Almeida - Brasília

Brasiléia, in the northern state of Acre, saw the biggest flood ever recorded in the history of the municipality in the south of the state, in a region close to the Brazilian border with Bolivia.

According to the local authorities, the level of the Acre river reached 15.56m, surpassing the historic flood of 2015, when it reached 15.55m. The average level of water rise has remained at 2cm for each three hours.

Civil defense data show that so far the municipality is one of the worst affected by the flooding of the Acre river, adding that 75 percent of the city has been affected by the floods. In the city’s rural area, over 500 people are isolated and 20 bridges have been destroyed by the waters.

More than 13 thousand people have been affected in some way. Around 2 thousand are homeless or displaced. In order to provide assistance to those affected, 15 shelters run by the city are in operation, with 500 professionals.

In the Acre capital, Rio Branco, the water level of the Acre river is still above overflow level. It reached reached 16.45m on Wednesday morning.

A Wednesday (28) report by the state government shows that more than 14 thousand throughout the state are homeless or displaced across the state.


On Monday (Feb. 26), the federal government had recognized the emergency situation of 17 municipalities in Acre due to flooding caused by rising river and stream levels, including Brasiléia and Rio Branco.

Following this recognition, the state was able to resort to federal funds for efforts such as humanitarian assistance, the reconstruction of destroyed or damaged infrastructure, and the restoration of essential services.

Translation: Fabrício Ferreira -  Edition: Maria Claudia

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