UN calls on Sudan to respect freedom of expression

Request was made in report presented to the Security Council

Published in 04/12/2021 - 12:30 By RTP - Nova York

In a report presented to the Security Council of the United Nations (UN) this Friday (3), the secretary general, António Guterres, asks the Sudanese authorities "to respect freedom of expression and of the press", in an environment which he considers "increasingly hostile to journalists".

"I reiterate my call for the immediate and unconditional release of all those who have been arbitrarily detained and detained, and for the cessation of detentions of opposition leaders and political activists. Those who have been accused must have a fair trial," he added in the quarterly document, which has not yet been officially released.

"The future of the Sudanese transition remains uncertain," Guterres said.

"The military coup runs the risk of derailing important achievements on the international and economic fronts and depriving Sudan of much-needed aid and debt relief," the UN head said.

"All parties must make a concerted negotiating effort to effectively resolve outstanding issues in an inclusive manner that is seen as legitimate by the Sudanese people and their partners," he stressed.

Guterres also denounced reports of "the use of live ammunition by security forces and the military against peaceful protesters, resulting in deaths and injuries. "This is unacceptable," the secretary general said, further urging Sudanese authorities to fulfill their obligations, " under human rights, and respecting the rights to life, freedom of expression and peaceful assembly".

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