Brazil delivers its best Olympic performance

The number of medals, however, still fell short of the goal set by the

Published in 22/08/2016 - 10:51 By Gésio Passos reports from Portal EBC - Rio de Janeiro

Líbero Serginho deixa seleção brasileira de vôlei após o ouro na Rio 2016

Brazil finished the Rio Games ranking 13th in the medals table, with a total 19 medals, including seven gold medals. Reuters/Yves Herman/Direitos Rese

Brazil has taken the podium 19 times at the Rio 2016 Olympics, an unprecedented mark in its history. But the number of medals fell short of the goal set by the government and the Brazilian Olympic Committee of seeing the country among the top 10 by total medals.

In 2012, when the government introduced its Plano Brasil Medalhas program, it was planning to invest $310 million worth of public funds in grants for athletes, support staff and international competition appearances, as well as training center projects.

Brazil finished the Rio Games ranking 13th in the medals table, with a total 19 medals. With seven gold medals, the country improved on its Athens 2004 gold record of five medals, as well as its silver performance with six medals.


At Rio 2016, 358 of the 465 Brazilian athletes (77%) received direct government sponsorship with the Bolsa Atleta (Athlete Grant) program. Four categories of grants paid out between $287 and $4,650 monthly benefits. Each grant is awarded depending on the athlete's results. In 2016, $24.7 million has been earmarked to fund the program.

In addition, 145 athletes who competed at the Games were sponsored by the Armed Forces' Program for High-Performing Athletes, which temporarily admitted outstanding athletes as third sergeants in the three forces with $991.00 monthly stipends. These athletes have won 14 medals in this Olympics. The program has been allocated a $13.3 million budget in 2016.

A judoca brasileira Rafaela Silva vence Dorjsürengiin Sumiya, da Mongólia, e conquista a primeira medalha de ouro do Brasil nos Jogos Rio 2016

Judoka Rafaela Silva won Brazil's first gold medal of the Rio 2016 Olympics.Reuters/Toru Hanai/Direitos Reservados


The sport that has given Brazil the largest number of medals was judo, which benefited from more than $15.5 million through collaboration with the Ministry of Sports throughout the Olympic cycle. All athletes who competed at this Games are also supported by the Armed Forces, with the men receiving support from the Army and the Navy sponsoring women—including Rafaela Silva, Brazil's first gold medalist at Rio 2016.

Isaquias Queiroz chega em primeiro e está na final da canoagem de velocidade

Canoe sprint racer Isaquias Queiroz won two silver and a bronze medal.Reuters/Murad Sezer/Direitos Reservados

Canoe sprint

Another Bolsa Atleta recipient was a big surprise in the Games. Canoe sprint racer Isaquias Queiroz won two silver and a bronze medal. According to the Ministry of Sport, the Brazilian Canoeing Federation (CBCa) received $651,000 to set up training centers around the country, plus over $1.8 million worth of grants for canoe athletes.

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