Ministry offers more than 21,500 vacancies for Doctors throughout Brazil

The objective is to bring professionals to work in remote and

Published in 04/12/2021 - 17:36 By Agência Brasil * - Brasília

The Ministry of Health is offering more than 21,500 places in the Doctors for Brazil Program. They will be able to work in 5,233 Brazilian municipalities, that is, almost 94% of the country. The measure was published in an extra edition of the Diário Oficial da União on Friday (3). The objective is to strengthen the Unified Health System (SUS).

The program will gradually replace the Mais Médicos Project for Brazil in Primary Health Care (APS). Physicians selected for the program are offered training in family and community medicine, performance evaluation, the possibility of being hired through the CLT regime, career progression (to reduce turnover) and gratification to work in remote and health areas indigenous.

Health managers of eligible municipalities must join Doctors for Brazil, whose notice should be published on Monday (6). The notice of the selection process for doctors will also be published this month.

"The recommendation is that managers do not miss the opportunity to bring health and the presence of qualified doctors to serve the citizen with dignity", said the secretary of Primary Care at the ministry, Raphael Câmara. Primary Health Care (Adaps), responsible for running the new program.

The municipalities were chosen taking into account their high vulnerability and the fact that many are in remote rural areas.

Doctors for Brazil was launched in 2019 with the objective of structuring the federal medical career for places with difficult provision and high vulnerability. The estimated budget for execution in the first year of work is R$1.2 billion.

Check here the list of municipalities eligible to participate in the Doctors for Brazil Program.

*With information from the Ministry of Health

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