Últimas notícias 5G

Antenas de transmissão para celulares. Telefonia 5G.

Brazil operators given another 60 days for 5G implementation

The decision by telecom authority ANATEL was motivated by the impossibility of delivering the equipment as a result of restrictions caused by the pandemic in China.

Antenas de transmissão para celulares. Telefonia 5G.

Market for 5G solutions in Brazil to reach BRL 101 billion

With its implementation, countless possibilities are expected to be opened in areas such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and logistics, among others.

Imagem ilustrativa 5G no Brasil.

Twelve Brazilian capitals ready to receive 5G networks

For other locations, it is important that municipal laws and the infrastructure for the operation of the technology are properly adequate.

Antena 5G instalada em fazenda modelo em Rondonópolis (MT) - Foto: Guilherme Martimon/Mapa

Anatel publishes public call on 5G bandwidth

The 5G change occurs because the television signal received by satellite dishes occupies one of the satellite transmission bands in which the standalone 5G operation takes place, the so-called Band C.

O ministro das Comunicações, Fábio Faria, falou hoje (14) em entrevista ao programa A Voz do Brasil sobre o cronograma de implantação da quinta geração de conectividade móvel, o 5G

Ministry launches 5G project in public lighting

The use of 5G in public lighting occurs through the installation of intelligent lighting fixtures, which transmit the signal through antennas installed on poles.