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Bolsonaro: Private enterprise crucial to projects in Amazon

The initiative aims to support inclusive and sustainable economic activities for the region and will include a fund for projects. Investment attraction takes place under the Letícia Pact for the Amazon.

Araucárias no Paraná (Denis Ferreira Netto/SEMA)

Over 25 thousand species in Brazil’s flora are endemic

Of the species, 32,696 are angiosperms (vascular plants with fruit, like the palm tree), 23 are gymnosperms (vascular plants with no fruit, like the pine tree), 6,320 are fungi, and 4,972 are algae; 1,584 are bryophytes (mosses), and 1,380 are ferns.


Deforestation in Amazon down 70% in January

From the beginning of the operation, in May 2020, to January this year, 331 thousand m³ of wood, 1,699 vessels, 326 tractors, and 20 airplanes/helicopters were seized, resulting in 4,842 fines imposed, which add up to $618.7 million.

Senador eleito por Mato Grosso do Sul, Nelsinho Trad (PTB).

Representatives from nine countries bring back Amazon Parliament

Created 32 years ago, the group aims to establish integrated policies and deepen relations between member countries in the discussion on Amazon-related issues, promoting cooperation and sustainable development in the Amazon region.

Apresentação dos números provisórios do #PRODES 
O projeto realiza o monitoramento por satélites do desmatamento por corte raso na #AmazôniaLegal e produz, desde 1988, as taxas anuais na região que são usadas para o estabelecimento de políticas públicas

Amazon deforestation up 9.5% to 11 thousand km²

Mourão, who chairs the Amazon Council, said the work of the Amazon Forces in tackling the issue this year started late, in May, but, he added, it was still capable of reducing an even further increase, expected at over 20 percent.