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CoronaVac use in children and adolescents in Brazil rejected

“The immunogenicity data leave uncertainties regarding how long the protection provided by the inoculation lasts,” Anvisa stated in a note.

vacina contra Covid-19 Pfizer/BioNTech

Brazil asks Pfizer for explanation on third dose of COVID-19 vaccine

Anvisa now wants data from the studies conducted by the company on the administration of the extra shot, as well as the results obtained by the research. A meeting with Pfizer representatives on the topic has also been requested.

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Brazil also reports Guillain-Barre cases after vaccination

Anvisa says it has thus far received 27 notifications of suspected cases of GBS after immunization with vaccine AstraZeneca, in addition to three other cases with vaccine Janssen, and other four with CoronaVac, adding up to 34 occurrences.

FILE PHOTO: A medic fills a syringe with COVAXIN, an Indian government-backed experimental COVID-19 vaccine, before administering it to a health worker during its trials, in Ahmedabad
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Brazil authorizes efficiency test for AstraZeneca booster shot

The initial study will be carried out in participants who have already received the two doses of the inoculation, with an interval of four week between administrations, Anvisa noted. The booster shot will be administered 11 to 13 months after the second dose.