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Ford logo is pictured at Ford Motor Co plant in Taubate

Ford to sell its plant in Taubaté, São Paulo

A contract was signed with firm São José Desenvolvimento Imobiliário. The deal should be finalized following the approval of the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE).

 Militares bloqueiam o trânsito e fazem a segurança da área no entorno da Cúpula dos BRICS, que reunirá as delegações do Brasil, Rússia, Índia, China e África do Sul em Brasília

Cade approves purchase of Unidas by Localiza with restrictions

In the decision, the president of the agency informed that the measures to avoid market concentration are sufficient to maintain competition in the sector.

Logotipo do Google é exibido na entrada dos escritórios do Google em Londres, na Grã-Bretanha.

Brazil shelves anti-competitive conduct suit against Google

Brazil’s antitrust Administrative Council for Economic Defense (Cade) shelved an anti-competitive conduct lawsuit against Google. The technology giant had been accused of copying content from competitors and using it in its search engine.

Logotipo do Google é exibido dentro de um prédio de escritórios em Zurique, Suíça.

Brazil probes into anti-competitive practices by Google

The Administrative Council for Economic Defense (Cade), a watchdog linked to the Brazilian government, has opened an inquiry into supposed anti-competitive practices related to Google’s operational system Android in Brazil.

Refinaria Petrobras

Sale of eight Petrobras refineries approved by watchdog

Members of the Administrative Board for Economic Defense (Cade) at a floor session today (Jun 11) voted four to two to approve Petrobras’s proposal to sell eight of Brazil’s state-controlled oil giant’s 13 refinement units.