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Chuva em Alagoas

Emergency declared across 50 cities in Alagoas state due to rains

Some 40 thousand people have been displaced and left homeless, local authorities reported. Victims are being taken to schools, sports facilities, and public buildings.

Trabalhos de desobstrução na Rua Teresa, bloqueada pela lama acumulada de deslizamentos de terra durante chuvas em Petrópolis.

Brazil develops partnership with Google on disaster alerts

Through the partnership between the Civil Defense and Google, new types of alerts have been made available, for instance, on floods, forest fires, windstorms, and heavy rain.

Áreas atingidas pelas fortes chuvas  em Recife

In Pernambuco, 91 reported dead following rains

In Pernambuco state, northeast Brazil, 26 people have been reported missing since May 25, when the rains became intense.

Sedurbs,chuvas  em Sergipe

Alerts issued over heavy rains across Brazil Northeast

Since the beginning of the week, the states of Paraíba, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte, and Alagoas have strugged under the impact of the rains that have led to disasters such as landslides, floods, and broken dams.

Baixas temperaturas em Brasília.

Brazil issues health risk alert due to harsh cold weather

The state of alert shold continue until 11 pm on Friday. The Civil Defense advises people to stay warm, drink a lot of fluids, protect themselves from the wind, and pay special attention to children, elders, and sick people.