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Saldo positivo das exportações

Pandemic impacts Brazil’s international trade businesses

According to the CNI, even though foreign trade has been impacted by the pandemic, it will play a crucial role in the resumption of economic growth and the generation of employment and income.

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Pandemic leads 76% of Brazil’s industrial sector to cut production

The sectors that described the decrease in the demand were clothing (82%), footwear (79%), furniture (76%), printing and reproduction (65%), and textiles (60%).
Técnicos e pesquisadores dão abraço coletivo para marcar um mês do incêndio no Museu Nacional, na Quinta da Boa vista, no Rio

Brazil: Fear of unemployment down, life satisfaction up

The Brazilian population is more satisfied and less scared of unemployment. The information can be found in a survey released Thursday (Oct 3) by the National Industry Confederation (CNI).

O presidente Jair Bolsonaro durante a 27ª edição da Marcha para Jesus, em São Paulo.

Survey shows 32% describe Bolsonaro gov’t as great or good

A survey released Thursday (Jun 27) by Brazil’s National Confederation of Industry (CNI) shows that 32 percent of respondents describe the government of President Jair Bolsonaro as great or good.

FILE PHOTO: Shipping containers, including one labelled

Without WTO, Brazil’s export costs would rise 120%

Brazil’s trade with countries in the G20—the world’s 20 top economies—is likely to face tariffs 120 percent higher than they currently are, should the US–China commercial war and the rise of protectionism further reduce the reach of the World Trade Organization (WTO).