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Brazilian industry takes action to step up sustainability

A survey shows that most of Brazil’s industrial companies have adopted measures to reduce the generation of solid waste, optimize energy consumption, and make water use more efficient.

Rio de Janeiro (RJ), 11/09/2023 - Senac Rio Summit: festival de tecnologia e inovação para público jovem, na EXPOMAG, Cidade Nova. Foto:Tânia Rêgo/Agência Brasil

Brazil top-ranking Latin American nation in Global Innovation Index

Brazil has climbed five places and now ranks 49th among 132 countries. After 12 years out of the group of the top 50 economies in index, the nation now heads the ranking of Latin America and the Caribbean, overtaking Chile for the first time.

energia eólica no mar

Offshore wind power could boost Brazil’s energy transition

This new frontier of clean energy could increase Brazil’s electricity production capacity by 3.6 times and boost the nation’s transition to a world with more and more renewable fuels, according to a study by the National Confederation of Industry, CNI.


Brazilian industrialists seek opportunities in Brics countries

A group of 30 entrepreneurs led by the head of Brazil’s Industry Confederation CNI have flown to South Africa to take part in meetings with businesspeople from other Brics nations—especially India, Russia, and South Africa.

Brasília (DF), 15/08/2023 - O presidente da República em exercício, Geraldo Alckmin, durante abertura da conferência

Alckmin: Brazil competitive giant in “neo‑industrialization”

The acting president said the current international landscape makes Brazil “the great alternative” for a market that increasingly values environmentally appropriate products.