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Edifício-Sede do Banco Central em Brasília

Brazilian Central Bank raises basic interest rate to 12.75% per year

According to a bank´s assessment, the external environment has continued to deteriorate and inflationary pressures arising from the pandemic have intensified.

Edifício Sede Caixa Econômica Federal e Banco Central em Brasília

Central Bank: Brazil interest to rise again in May

Last Wednesday (Mar. 16), the Central Bank's Monetary Policy Committee unanimously decided to raise the Selic rate by one percentage point to 11.75 percent a year.


Brazil benchmark interest raised to 11.75% a year

The rate is at its highest since April 2017, when it stood at 12.25 percent a year. This was the ninth consecutive adjustment to the Selic rate.

Sede do Banco Central em Brasília.

Hikes in Brazil interest likely to slow down: Central Bank

Brazil’s Monetary Policy Committee said the next steps may be adjusted in order to bring inflation closer to the target, depending on changes in economic activity.

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Central Bank projects 10.2% inflation for this year

In November, the IPCA was 0.95%, closing at the highest level for the month since 2015 (1.01%) and accumulating an increase of 10.74% in 12 months. In the year, until November, inflation is 9.26%.