Últimas notícias dam

mina Gongo Soco operada pela Vale SA que foi evacuada, em Barão de Cocais

Brazil: Vale to pay BRL 527 million for Barão de Cocais repairs

Vale has presented a revised timetable, outlining the complete elimination of all dam structures constructed using the upstream raising method by 2035.

Bombeiros acham ossada de possível vítima da tragédia em Brumadinho

Brumadinho dam collapse: 267th victim identified

The breach of mining giant Vale’s dam in Brumadinho, Minas Gerais state, took the lives of 272 people. Three are yet to be located. Efforts have surpassed 1,400 days.

Agência Brasil 30 Anos - Área afetada pelo rompimento de barragem no distrito de Bento Rodrigues, zona rural de Mariana, em Minas Gerais

Mariana tragedy now 5 years old, people still await reparation

“Not a single group of people affected—field and laundry workers, artisans, fisherpeople, small business owners—was fully compensated. The environment has also not been fully recovered", according to prosecutor and task force coordinator Silmara Goulart.

Usina de Itaipu Binacional

Brazil keeps close watch on crisis in Paraguay

Brazil’s Foreign Ministry reported today (Aug 1) it has been keeping a close watch on the developments of the political crisis in Paraguay sparked by the release of the minutes of the deal between the two countries on the purchase of electric energy produced by hydroelectric d

 O Presidente da República, Jair Bolsonaro, durante sobrevoo da  região atingida pelo rompimento da barragem Mina Córrego do Feijão, em Brumadinho/MG.

River running through Brumadinho shows high level of heavy metals

The level of copper in the Paraopeba river is up to 600 times the amount allowed in rivers used for human consumption, irrigation for food production, fishing, and leisure activities.