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O secretário do Tesouro Nacional, Mansueto Almeida, durante entrevista coletiva para comentar o Resultado Primário do Governo Central de janeiro.

Deficit in public accounts estimated to reach $110.5 bi this year

If confirmed, this will be the highest primary deficit (expenditures larger than revenues, the amount spent on interest not considered) ever recorded.
 Edifício-Sede do Banco Central do Brasil em Brasília

Brazil foreign accounts see $3.9 bi deficit in February

These are referred to as current transactions, and comprise purchases and sales of goods and services as well as income transfers between Brazil and other nations.
Dólares - Moeda estrangeira

Foreign accounts see $2.16 bi deficit in November

The deficit in Brazil’s current transactions reached $2.164 billion in November, as per figures released today (Dec. 20) by the Central Bank. The result is below the value reported for November 2018, when the deficit stood at $3.052 billion.


Brazil foreign accounts see surplus in October

Brazil’s foreign accounts saw a positive balance in October. The surplus for current transactions reached $329 million, according to figures released today (Nov. 27) by the country’s Central Bank.


Higher imports ramp down Brazil trade balance in March

An increase in imports, stemming from the economic recovery, reduced Brazil’s balance of trade in March. The country is reported to have sold $6.281 billion more than it bought last month—down 12% from the $7.136 billion in March, 2017.