Últimas notícias diplomacy

O ministro das Relações Exteriores, Carlos França, durante entrevista coletiva, na Sala dos Tratados do Palácio Itamaraty,sobre os resultados da participação brasileira na 26ª Conferência das Nações Unidas sobre Mudanças Climáticas (COP26)

Brazil defends Russia's permanence in G20

The United States announced on Monday (April 18) it intends to withdraw G20 meetings in which diplomats and other members of the Russian government are present.

Palácio do Itamaraty na Esplanada dos Ministérios

Brazil appeals for immediate halt of Russia–Ukraine conflict

Ministry of Foreign Relations issued a note stating it has watched “with great concern” the launch of military operations by Russia against targets in the Ukrainian territory.

Peru reopens Machu Picchu after eight months closed

Brazil to have vice-consulate in Cusco, Peru

The decree also turns Brazil’s consulate in Iquitos, also in Peru, into a vice-consulate.These diplomatic representation provides assistance in the Amazon border area


O Capitólio dos Estados Unidos, em Washington

US gov’t nominates new ambassador to Brazil

Elizabeth Bagley is a lawyer and a diplomat. She is currently director at a telecom company. Her only experience as an ambassador was in charge of a US diplomatic representation in Portugal.

O presidente da Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, participa de uma cerimônia em uma base militar em Caracas

Brazil to ban entry of Venezuelan authorities

The Brazilian government decided to ban the entry of high-ranking officials from Venezuela in the country. The move was announced Tuesday (Aug 6) after the end of the Lima Group meeting in the Peruvian capital, attended by Brazilian Chancellor Ernesto Araújo.