Últimas notícias El Niño

CHEGADA OUTONO - Outono começou no Hemisfério Sul no últino domingo, 20 de março. Foto: Pixabay/Domínio Público

Autumn in Brazil brings above-average temperatures

The National Institute of Meteorology and the National Institute for Space Research are forecasting warmer-than-average temperatures for April, May, and June.

Tefé (AM) 21/10/2023 – Um indigena obserna o leito do rio Amazonas em Tefé (AM) praticamnete seco.
 Foto: Alex Pazuello/Secom

Rivers in Amazon basin slow to recover flow during rainy season

Only two of the 32 river basins in the region showed a regular volume of rain for January, with five having climatological indicators close to that for the period.

Mosquitos de Aedes aegypti são vistos no laboratório da Oxitec em Campinas

Dengue: Brazil reports 12 fatalities, over 120,000 suspected cases

Brazil’s Ministry of Health has confirmed the circulation of all four dengue serotypes in the country. Serotype 1 is currently the predominant strain.

RETROSPECTIVA_2023 - Onda de calor no Rio. - Foto: Tânia Rêgo/Agência Brasil

Year of 2023 Brazil’s hottest on record

Nine of the 12 months of last year had monthly temperature averages above the historical average, with September standing out with the greatest difference between the recorded value and the average.

Rio de Janeiro (RJ), 15/11/2023 – Cariocas e turistas lotam praia de Ipanema, na zona sul, em dia de forte calor no Rio de Janeiro. Foto: Tomaz Silva/Agência Brasil

Summer kicks off in Brazil, heat likely to top historical average

Normally, Brazilians summers are marked by rising temperatures, longer days than nights, heavy rainfall, electrical discharges, and moderate to strong winds, but El Niño should make climate changes more intense.