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Pará - Animal em extinção de 1 mm é encontrado apenas em caverna no PA. Cientistas buscam sensibilizar comunidades para conservação de bichinho. Foto: Acervo IDEFLOR-Bio/PAT Xingu

Scientists seek to protect 1mm insect found in a single cave in Brazil

The Troglobius brasiliensis is a critically endangered bug with six legs and no eyes. Harmless to humans, the little critter can only be found in a cave in Medicilândia, in the northern state of Pará, and still lacks a popular name.

Baleias, Franca, Austral

Southern right whales grow in number along Brazil’s coastline

During their season in the country, experts warn that these creatures are still listed as endangered, despite the recent increase in the number of whales visiting the Brazilian coast.

- Plataforma exibe riscos de extinção de espécies em todo o país. - Gavião Real. Foto: Aure Vasconcelos/ICMBio

Conservation body unveils platform on Brazil’s endangered species

Federal biodiversity conservation authority ICMBio has unveiled Salve, an online database covering nearly 15 thousand species. The initiative should help researchers and policy makers assess animal populations across Brazilian biomes.

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Brazil has 3,299 animal and plant species under threat

According to the survey, 0.06 percent of the species analyzed are extinct, 0.01 percent are extinct in nature, 4.73 percent are critically endangered, 9.35 percent are endangered, 5.74 percent are vulnerable, 3.98 percent are nearly threatened with extinction, 62.82 percent are less alarming.

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