Últimas notícias extinction

Rio de Janeiro (RJ) - Descoberta de novos locais de ocorrência de peixe das nuvens, ameaçado de extinção Notholebias minimus (peixe das nuvens).
Foto: Gustavo Henrique Soares Guedes/Divulgação

Brazilian researchers uncover new cloud fish habitats

The latest data regarding these fish's distribution is accessible through the Brazilian Biodiversity Information System and the Global Biodiversity Information Facility.

Baleias, Franca, Austral

Southern right whales grow in number along Brazil’s coastline

During their season in the country, experts warn that these creatures are still listed as endangered, despite the recent increase in the number of whales visiting the Brazilian coast.

Pesquisadores encontram onças-pintadas com filhotes na Serra do Mar paranaense

Jaguars with cubs found in Paraná state

The amount of jaguars identified by researchers in the state in South Brazil has now reached seven. The species was once considered extinct in the region.

Onça-parda é vista em área onde era considerada extinta no Rio

Cougar sighted in Rio where it was said to be extinct

The species in Brazil is considered vulnerable—the third most serious level on the scale of risk of extinction for animals that still exist in nature.