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05/06/2023 - Em Atalaia do Norte, a equipe de vigilância indígena do Javari fincou cruzes no local onde tombaram Bruno Pereira e Dom Phillips. Não esqueceremos deles jamais. Foto: Ticiane Ribeiro/Opi.Isolados
Human Rights

One of five murders of land advocates is in the Amazon

Gabriella Bianchini, senior consultant at Global Witness, pointed out that the figures show that the Amazon is one of the most dangerous places for activists. The Amazon covers nearly 6.9 mi km² in eight South American countries.

Human Rights

Brazil tops ranking of environmental activists killed in 2015

Brazil is at the top of a ranking of land and environmental activists killed in 2015 according to a report called On Dangerous Ground released Monday (Jun. 20) by Global Witness nongovernmental organization. Globally, 185 activists were killed last year.

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