Últimas notícias homicide


Intentional killings down 6% in Brazil last year

Notifications went from 50,448 in 2020 to 47,503 last year, the lowest since 2011. Included are murders and robberies followed by death, plus killings resulting from police interventions and fatal injuries.

Quiosque Tropicália, na praia da Barra da Tijuca, onde o imigrante congolês Moïse Kabamgabe foi espancado até a morte depois de cobrar diárias de trabalho não pagas.

Moïse Kabagambe’s murderers to remain in prison

Moïse Kabagambe, a Congolese immigrant, was beaten to death following an argument at a beach kiosk in Barra da Tijuca, in western Rio de Janeiro.

Indígenas descem a esplanada dos ministérios em direção ao STF para a realização de uma vigĺia contra o Marco Temporal
Human Rights

Murders against indigenous people up 21.6% in ten years

According to the 2021 Violence Atlas, homicide rate among the indigenous went up from 15 in every 100 thousand people in 2009 to 18.3 in every 100 thousand in 2019.


Brazil violent death toll breaks record in 2017

In 2017 alone, 63,880 violent deaths were reported in the country, the highest number in the Brazil's recent history. Figures show that 175 people were murdered daily, up 2.9 percent from 2016. The rate is 30.8 deaths for every 100 thousand people.