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A presidente do Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF), ministra Rosa Weber, lançou nesta segunda-feira (11) uma versão da Convenção 169 da Organização Internacional do Trabalho (OIT) na língua indígena Kaiapó. Foto: Fellipe Sampaio /SCO/STF

Top court launches ILO convention in Kaiapó indigenous language

Under the convention, countries undertake to consult indigenous peoples on measures that could affect their community. It came into force in Brazil in 2003.

Bom Jardim de MInas (MG) 05.03.2023 - Operação resgata três trabalhadores em condições análogas à escravidãono Sítio Serra Verde, em Bom Jardim de Minas (MG). Foto: Minstério do Trabalho/Divulgação

Brazil: 523 victims of slave labor rescued in 2023

In the accommodations there were old mattresses, torn linings, old stoves and refrigerators, bathrooms in precarious conditions, and exposed electrical installations.

Brasília - Ministério de Minas e Energia inaugura primeira usina solar instalada na cobertura de prédio público federal – a própria sede do MME  (José Cruz/Agência Brasil)

Green economy may generate millions of jobs in Latin America

Green economy has the potential of generating millions of jobs in Latin America and the Caribbean as well as reducing labor costs stemming from modern environmental problems, like climate change, the overexploitation of natural resources and the pollution of ecosystems.

Human Rights

Brazil still struggling to end child labor

This Tuesday (12), on the World Day Against Child Labor, Brazil’s National Forum for the Prevention and Eradication of Child Labor launched a campaign entitled “Not Protecting Childhood Means Condemning the Future,” in partnership with the country’s Prosecution Service for Lab


Brazil labor overhaul respects workers’ rights, says ILO

A commission of the Geneva-based International Labor Organization (ILO) concluded today (Jun. 7) that the Brazilian labor reform is compatible with the Convention No. 98, which deals with the right to collective bargaining.