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Passaporte poderá ser emitido por cartórios

Brazil, US take steps towards expedited entry of travelers

Brazil and the US took the first step towards the Brazilian participation in the Global Entry program for trustworthy travelers maintained by the US Department of Homeland Security, the Brazilian ministries of Economy and Foreign Relations and the office of the president’s chi

Grupo de 46 migrantes venezuelanos chega a Brasília, onde serão acolhidos e encaminhados às casas de passagem alugadas pela Cáritas Brasileira e pela Cáritas Suíça, com o apoio do Departamento de Estado dos Estados Unidos.
Human Rights

Brasília welcomes another 46 Venezuelans under resettlement initiative

Veronica Gabriel Castañeda, 19, set off from Venezuela five months pregnant after deciding the rights violations and the economic collapse she was witnessing in her own country would not be tackled any time soon.


Brazil grants work permit to 25 thousand foreigners in 2017

Over 25 thousand work permits were granted to foreigners by the Brazilian government last year. Most workers came from the US—approximately 20 percent of all permits.


Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru seek solution for Venezuelans

The Brazilian, Colombian, Ecuadorian, and Peruvian ambassadors have been meeting since yesterday (Aug. 27) at Colombia’s Dirección de Migraciones in Bogotá, in an attempt to devise joint efforts to address the crisis sparked by the exodus of Venezuelans from their country.

Human Rights

Gov’t: Resettling of Venezuelans in Brazil to continue indefinitely

The process of resettling Venezuelan immigrants in Brazil will be permanent.