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Indígenas que participam  do Acampamento Terra Livre, fazem protesto na Esplanada dos Ministérios

Indigenous call for emergency fund to tackle coronavirus

Many of the 850 thousand indigenous people in the country live in remote areas in the Amazon, with limited access to health services.

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Native Brazilians limit access to reserves in Roraima state

Each community is outlining its own strategy to control the inflow of of people, thus attempting to prevent the disease from reaching the areas.

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Human Rights

Probe shows no proof of invasion in indigenous land in Amapá

Brazil’s Federal Prosecution Service reported that the preliminary investigations conducted by the Federal Police failed to prove the presence of invaders in the territory belonging to the Wajãpi indigenous people, in the northern state of Amapá.

Futura ministra da Mulher, Família e Direitos Humanos, Damares Alves, fala à imprensa no CCBB. Ela também ficará responsável pela Funai.

Evangelical pastor to lead Ministry of Women, Family, Human Rights

Lawyer Damares Alves will take the helm of Brazil’s Ministry of Women, Family, and Human Rights. Her name was announced Thursday (Dec. 6) by Extraordinary Government Transition Minister Onyx Lorenzoni, future chief-of-staff under the coming administration.

Human Rights

Indigenous communities attacked after elections

After the outcome of Brazil’s presidential elections, at least four attacks were reported in indigenous communities in the states of Mato Grosso do Sul and Pernambuco.