Últimas notícias land rights

Brasília (DF), 21/09/2023,  Indígenas assistem a sessão do STF sobre a tese do marco temporal. Foto: Antônio Cruz/Agência Brasil

Top court votes 9–2 in favor of indigenous land rights

The move invalidates the proposal defended by landowners. Before the result, court rulings could establish that indigenous people only had the right to land that was in their possession on October 5, 1988, when the current Constitution was promulgated.

Brasília (DF) 14/06/2023 - Ministros participam da abertura do 2° Encontro Nacional de Mulheres Quilombolas. Foto Antônio Cruz/Agência Brasil
Human Rights

National assembly brings together over 350 quilombola women

CONAQ representative Sandra Maria da Silva pointed out that most important among the issues is the defense of the ownership of quilombola territories

Human Rights

Descendants of slaves in Goiás state are granted land title

Two agreements signed by Brazil’s Attorney-General’s Office guarantee the Kalunga community the ownership of two ranches in the Central-West state of Goiás, where the descendants of runaway slaves live today.

Brasília (DF), 27/04/2023 - Acampamento Terra livre reúne milhares de indígenas de centenas de etnias de todas as regiões do país e tem como tema
Human Rights

Indigenous rights in Brazil: Hotline saw 2,846 violations in Jan–Mar

Most calls denounce the lack of medical care, the need for better schools, lack of transportation, and violence against indigenous leaders in connection with land disputes.

Brasília (DF), 27/04/2023 - Paulina Martines, da etnia Avá-Guarani, lança o  relatório: “Impactos da produção de commodities agrícolas às comunidades Avá-Guarani da Terra Indígena Tekoha Guasu Guavirá/Oeste do Paraná”, durante o Acampamento Terra Livre. Foto: Marcelo Camargo/Agência Brasil

Educators, leaders: Indigenous education in Brazil needs attention

A letter will be handed to President Lula on Friday, at the closing ceremony of the Acampamento Terra Livre, a yearly gathering held in Brasília by indigenous groups from across the country. On the occasion, the president should announce the recognition of new indigenous territories.