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(Doha - Qatar, 17/11/2021) Presidente da República Jair Bolsonaro cumprimenta os Ministros Qatares.
Foto: Alan Santos/PR

In Qatar, Bolsonaro ends tour through Middle East

Brazil plans to attract investment from the Arabs. As it stands today, Qatar’s sovereign fund controls over $300 billion in assets, with a global and diversified portfolio, but with scarce presence of Brazil.

O ministro do Turismo, Gilson Machado, durante abertura do seminário empresarial Brasil-Emirados Árabes Unidos.

Domestic flights reach 80% of pre-pandemic levels in Brazil

In Dubai, the minister said he intends to expand the number of international tourists traveling to Brazil and increase foreign investment in tourism infrastructure in the country. He believes that many will want to get closer to nature after the pandemic, which could represent a major asset for Brazil.


Bolsonaro taps Congress member in his party as Tourism minister

Brazil’s Extraordinary Government Transition Minister Onyx Lorenzoni announced Federal Deputy Marcelo Álvaro Antônio, of the Social Liberal Party (PSL) as the future minister of Tourism under Jair Bolsonaro’s administration.


Some 95% of foreign visitors would return to Brazil, survey says

A total of 95.1% of foreign travelers who visited Brazil in 2014 would like to come back again. More than the sunny weather and the stunning landscape, they feel compelled to repeat the experience by the warm and friendly welcome they enjoyed here.