Últimas notícias murder

Estátua da ex-vereadora Marielle Franco, assassinada em 2018, é inaugurada no Buraco do Lume, centro da cidade

Statue honors murdered city councilor Marielle Franco in downtown Rio

The tribute was unveiled the day the activist would turn 43 years old. The monument was placed where she used to gather with voters to talk about achievements.

Dom Phillps e Bruno Araújo
Human Rights

Three charged over murders of Bruno Pereira, Dom Philips

Prosecutors argue Pereira and Phillips were ambushed and killed after Pereira asked Phillips to photograph the boat belonging to the defendants in order to document the illicit practices.

Presidente da República, Jair Bolsonaro, durante encontro bilateral com o primeiro-ministro do Japão, Shinzo Abe, em Osaka, Japão.

Bolsonaro expresses grief over former Japan prime minister killed

The Brazilian president announced he had decreed official mourning in the country, in recognition of the solid ties between the Japanese politician and Brazil.


Intentional killings down 6% in Brazil last year

Notifications went from 50,448 in 2020 to 47,503 last year, the lowest since 2011. Included are murders and robberies followed by death, plus killings resulting from police interventions and fatal injuries.

Abrigo Rondon 1, em Boa Vista, que recebeu cerca de 100 venezuelanos vindos da cidade de Pacaraima nos últimos dois dias.
Human Rights

Brazil creates committee on violence against immigrants, refugees

The observatory should be in charge of monitoring violence against Congolese citizens in Brazil, especially the case of Moïse Mugenyi Kabagambe, murdered in Rio de Janeiro.