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Revenues of 1% richest is 33.7 times higher than half of the poor

The ten percent of the population with the lowest revenues held 0.8 percent of the real monthly household income per capita of the $53 billion gauged in the same year, whereas the 10 percent with the highest revenues concentrated 42.9 percent of this amount.

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Brazil’s unemployment rate closes out 2019 at 11.9%

The average unemployment rate in Brazil fell to 11.9 percent in 2019, below 2018’s 12.3 percent. The figures com from the Continuous PNAD (National Household Sample Survey), published today (Jan. 31) by the country’s government statistics agency IBGE.

Ambulantes aproveitam o dia de prova do Enem para reforçar as vendas. Nas barracas, comércio alinhado à necessidade da prova: água, caneta preta com embalagem transparente e alimentos industrializados

Informal jobs in Brazil reach new high

The number of people in Brazil who found an informal job in the quarter ending in September reached a new record in this time series, initiated in 2012: 41.4 percent of the country’s employed workforce.


Unemployment slips from 12.4% to 12.3% in quarter ending in May

Brazil’s unemployment rate was reported at 12.3% in the quarter ending in May, according to figures in the National Household Sample Survey (Pnad), released today (Jun 28) by the government’s statistics agency IBGE.


Illiteracy in Brazil sinks to 6.8% in 2018

Illiteracy was reported on the wane in Brazil. Among people aged 15 or older, the rate went from 7.2 percent in 2016 to 6.8 percent in 2018. Last year, 11.3 million people could not read or write.