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Reflorestamento de áreas atingidas em Mariana

Prosecutors push to have Mariana victims get $465 mi in compensation

As per estimates from the state’s Prosecution Service, less than 30 percent of the victims have been compensated. The dam collapse caused a wave of sludge that swept over a number of municipalities in Minas Gerais and its neighboring state Espírito Santo through the Doce river basin. Furthermore, 19 people died.

trabalho escravo
Human Rights

Brazil authorities receive thousands of reports of slave-like labor

Forced labor, an exhausting working routine, degrading conditions, and debt servitude are some of the characteristics of what is termed modern-day slavery.

Fábrica da Volkswagen em Wolfsburg, na Alemanha
Human Rights

Volkswagen inks deal to compensate for violations in military regime

A Conduct Adjustment Term was signed—an extrajudicial deal stipulating the duties the company must fulfill in order not to have further motions imposed.