Últimas notícias Ricardo Salles

A fumaça é vista após um incêndio nas instalações da Aramco, na cidade oriental de Abqaiq

Brazil to seek compensation for preserving environment

Brazil’s Environment Minister Ricardo Salles said today (Nov.


Nearly 10 thousand km² of Amazon deforested in one year

Brazil’s National Space Research Institute (Inpe) found the deforested areas in the Amazon amounted to 9,762 km² from August 2018 to July 2019. The area of deforested native vegetation expanded 29.54 percent from the previous period, August 2017 to July 2018.

Mancha de óleo atinge o litoral do Sergipe

Oil in Brazil beaches “very likely” from Venezuela

Brazilian Environment Minister Ricardo Salles said Wednesday (Oct 9) that the oil that has polluted a number of beaches on the coast of Brazil’s Northeast comes “very likely” from Venezuela.

O ministro do Meio Ambiente, Ricardo Salles, durante sessão especial do Senado para celebrar o Dia Mundial do Meio Ambiente.

Brazil’s environmental services benefit world: Minister

During a recent interview with TV Brasil, Brazil’s Environment Minister Ricardo Salles said the country should be paid for providing environmental services to the world. “We should receive the so-called PES—payment for environmental services.


Staying in Paris Agreement a consensus in Brazil, minister says

Brazil’s Environment Minister Ricardo Salles said today (Jan. 14) there is consensus in the government on having the country stay in the Paris Agreement, which sets targets for the reduction of greenhouse effect gases.