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Financial market predicts 0.36% economic growth in 2022

For 2022, the IPCA inflation estimate is 5.03%. For 2021, the forecast for inflation dropped from 10.02% to 10.01%. For 2023 and 2024, the forecasts are 3.41% and 3%.

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Market lowers estimated economic growth for Brazil in 2021

Expectations for GDP dropped from 4.65% to 4.58%. For 2022, the projection for the Gross Domestic Product is for growth of 0.5%, the same as last week.

Edifício do Banco Central no Setor Bancário Norte

Credit granted by banks should grow 14.6% this year, BC estimates

The balance of credit modalities for individuals based on nonearmarked resources was revised from 18% to 20%, and those based on earmarked resources from 14% to 17%.

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Economic activity falls 0.40% in October, says Central Bank

In the accumulated result for the year, there was an increase of 4.99%. And in the 12 months ended in October, the indicator was also positive, at 4.19%.

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Selic increase affects savings, real estate financing and FGTS

The Referential Rate will be used as an index for the correction of savings account applications, installments of loans from the Housing Finance System and the FGTS.