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Fortes tempestades atingem Santa Catarina

South of Brazil pounded by cyclone

In Santa Catarina state, nine people died and 49 cities were affected
Presidente Jair Bolsonaro e o Primeiro-ministro da República da Índia, Norenda Modi, durante cerimônia de encerramento do Fórum Empresarial do BRICS

Brazil wants more cooperation in science, technology with India

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked Wednesday (Nov. 13) about Brazil’s interest in deepening cooperation between the two countries in such areas as biofuels, and science and technology.


Daylight saving time starts on October 16 in Brazil

Next October 16 starts the Brazilian daylight saving time, and clocks should be advanced by one hour in the South, Southeast, and Central-West regions of the country. This year, clocks shall be adjusted from October 16 to February 19.

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