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O sindicato dos comerciários de São Paulo promove,  mutirão do emprego em São Paulo, ofertando 5.726 vagas.

Unemployment rate goes from 13.3% to 14.6% in third quarter

Approximately 14.1 million people are looking for a job, the government’s statistics agency IBGE announced.

fotos de indústrias,Empresa RANDON. Fabricação de semi-reboque tanque de combustível.
Caxias do Sul 24.04.2006 - Foto Miguel Angelo

Production, employment on the rise in Brazilian industry

The index gauging the number of employed workers stood at 54.9 points—the third month on the row with an increase. Values above 50 are said to indicate increase in production and employment compared to the previous month.

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Brazil has 3,299 animal and plant species under threat

According to the survey, 0.06 percent of the species analyzed are extinct, 0.01 percent are extinct in nature, 4.73 percent are critically endangered, 9.35 percent are endangered, 5.74 percent are vulnerable, 3.98 percent are nearly threatened with extinction, 62.82 percent are less alarming.

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Brazil industrial output up 3.2% in August

Nonetheless, the indicator is still to totally eliminate the 27 percent loss accumulated between March and April early in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Arroz e Feijão são os alimentos mais desperdiçados no país

Brazil sees price hikes after two months of deflation

The main drivers behind the inflation in June were food and drinks, which saw a 0.38 percent increase in prices due to products such as pinto beans (4.96%), rice (2.74%), and UHT milk (2.33%).