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Computador, Alunos (Marcelo Camargo/Agência Brasil)

Brazil teachers learn new techniques by themselves

A survey by TIC Educação, with Brazil’s Internet Steering Committee (CGI.br), published this week, reveals that 92 percent of public school teachers and 86 percent of private school teachers seek on their own to get informed about new teaching resources and technological innov


Half of Brazilian teachers would not recommend job to young people

Half of all teachers in Brazil believe their occupation is undervalued and would not recommend young people to become educators, according to a survey entitled Profissão docente (“The Teaching Profession”), an initiative by organization Todos Pela Educação and private

Alunos que pretendem trabalhar na Copa 2014 fazem curso  extracurricular de inglês

Teachers worse paid than other degree-holding professionals in Brazil

Teachers with university diplomas in Brazil earn lower wages than professionals with similar educational qualifications working in other careers, according to a report published by Todos pela Educação (TPE) (“All for Education”) movement.

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