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Ministro da Saúde, Marcelo Queiroga, fala à imprensa no ministério da Saúde, sobre a vacinação contra o covid-19

Brazil health minister tests positive for COVID-19

The minister said he “will be quarantined in the US, observing all sanitary security protocols.”

O presidente Jair Bolsonaro durante anúncio de avanços no programa federal de habitação, o Casa Verde e Amarela.

Bolsonaro opens debates at UN assembly

Traditionally, it is the job of the Brazilian president to read the opening speech for the debates, followed by the president of the US.

 Presidente da República, Jair Bolsonaro, discursa durante a abertura do Debate Geral da 74ª Sessão da Assembleia Geral das Nações Unidas

Brazil to occupy non-permanent seat in UN Security Council

The decision was made at the elections held today (Jun. 11) in New York at the 75th UN General Assembly, with Brazil having received 181 votes.

Human Rights

Kalunga community receives unprecedented recognition from UN

The UN-granted title is given to “conserved community and traditional territories, in which communities have a deep connection with the place they inhabit, internal management and governance processes, and positive results in nature conservation.”