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O sindicato dos comerciários de São Paulo promove mutirão do emprego.

Fewer than half of working-age Brazilians are employed: IBGE

The unemployment rate stands at 14.7 percent—14.8 million people seeking a job in Brazil.


Unemployment saw average rate of 13.5% in 2020

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the labor market led to a record high in joblessness in 20 of the 27 states in the country.

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Unemployment down to 13.9% in last quarter of 2020

However, the average unemployment rate for last year was 13.5 percent—the highest since 2012—which accounts for some 13.4 million people looking for a job in the country.

O ministro da Economia, Paulo Guedes, durante cerimônia alusiva à marca de 100 milhões de poupanças sociais digitais Caixa.

Economy minister estimates loss of 300,000 job posts in 2020

“The year we faced the biggest crisis in our history—a global pandemic—we’ll lose a fifth to a third of the jobs lost in the previous recession,” Guedes said during the seminar promoted by the Industry Federation of Rio de Janeiro State (Firjan).

Um feirão de empregos realizado nesta terça-feira (17) no centro da capital paulista, organizado pelo Sindicato dos Comerciários de São Paulo, atraiu milhares de pessoas interessadas em uma vaga de trabalho.

Unemployment up 27.6% in four months of pandemic

By age groups, the younger showed higher unemployment rates—23.3 percent for those aged 14 through 29. As for education, those with a university or post-graduate degrees had the lowest rates—6.8 percent.