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Vacinação infantil contra a covid-19 de crianças de 10 anos ou mais, no Planetário, no bairro da Gávea, zona sul da cidade.

CoronaVac now allowed for kids aged 3–5 in Brazil

No deadline has been set for the beginning of the vaccination for this age group in Brazil’s national immunization program. The decision will be made by the Ministry of Health.


COVID-19 kills two children under five in Brazil every day

In the first two years of the outbreak, 1,439 kids aged up to five died from COVID-19 in the country. Nearly half of the cases are reported in the Northeast.

Fachada,Instituto Butantan

Butantan exports flu vaccine to Uruguay, Nicaragua

The Butantan vaccine is called “trivalent,” after its capacity to generate immune responses against three variants of the influenza virus: H1N1, the B strain, and H3N2.

Chegada de 59.800 doses da vacina CoronaVac (17.03.2021)
Foto: Breno Esaki/Agência Saúde DF

Institute requestes recommendation to vaccinate children aged 3 to 5

In case the request is granted by Brazil’s drug regulator Anvisa, Coronavac may be the first vaccine against coronavirus authorized for children from 3 years onwards.


Fachada do centro de pesquisa biológica Instituto Butantan

Single vaccine against COVID-19 and influenza has promising results

The vaccine includes ButanVac - an immunizer produced by Butantan, which is being evaluated in clinical trials, and the influenza vaccine, also produced by the institute.