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Presidente Jair Bolsonaro participa de live no dia 21 de outubro

Facebook takes down video where Bolsonaro links COVID-19 shot to Aids

The transmission was broadcast live on Thursday (Oct. 21) and was available for reproduction, as is usually the case with this content. The same happened to the video on Instagram.

Vacina AstraZeneca

Fiocruz: Brazil API to undergo 14 tests in US

The process of producing the API is strictly controlled, encompassing 81 tests in all. The longest is said to last 56 days.

 vacinação para adolescentes de 14 anos

Brazil surpasses 100 mi people with vaccine cycle complete

Altogether, 249.7 million doses have been administered—with 149.7 million having received the first dose, and 100 million with both doses or the single dose.

Saúde inicia vacinação para adolescentes de 14 anos (15.09.2021)

Fiocruz report shows success of vaccination against COVID-19

Fiocruz researchers believe, however, that people must be careful and continue wearing masks and observing other preventive measures, like keeping hands sanitized and social distancing, as the rate

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Pfizer requests assessment of efficiency of third dose of its vaccine

As it stands today, Comirnaty’s package insert stipulates that each person should receive only two doses. The permit for a booster dose hinges on the approval of the Brazilian watchdog, tasked with certifying the security and efficiency of vaccines.