Últimas notícias Venezuelan immigrants

Venezuelanos contemplados pela Operação Acolhida desembarcando. (Acnur / Divulgação)

Brazil: Internalized Venezuelan migrants have higher incomes

The average income of the families living in different parts of the country stands at BRL 3,212—five times higher than families remaining in Roraima (BRL 621).

Grupo de 46 migrantes venezuelanos chegam a Brasília

Venezuelans leave Roraima, relocate to eight Brazilian cities

After one year in implementation, the process of resettling Venezuelans immigrating to Brazil is initiating its 24th stage today (Feb. 15).


Schools on Brazil–Venezuela border overcrowded after immigration wave

Since the surge in the number of Venezuelan immigrants entering Brazil this year, schools in the border town of Pacaraima, in the northern Roraima state, have struggled to cope with overcrowded classrooms.

Human Rights

Gov’t assesses situation facing immigrants in Roraima

A technical team assembled by the Brazilian government with specialists from multiple ministries is visiting the town of Pacaraima, in the northern state of Roraima, which currently shelters thousands of Venezuelan immigrants.


Over half of Venezuelans who entered Brazil have left

Over half of the 127.7 thousand Venezuelan immigrants that came to the country in Brazil last year and this year through the northern state of Roraima, on the border with Venezuela, have left the country.