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O ministro da Saúde, Marcelo Queiroga, durante declaração após reunião do Comitê de Coordenação Nacional para Enfrentamento da Pandemia da Covid-19, no Palácio do Planalto.

Brazil appeals for donations of COVID-19 vaccine at WHO

“We reiterate our appeal to those who have extra vaccine doses and are willing to share them with Brazil as quickly as possible, in order to allow us to make strides in our far-reaching vaccination campaign, curbing the critical phase of the pandemic and stopping the proliferation of new lineages and variants of the virus,”  Brazil’s Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga said.

lote de medicamentos que integram o chamado kit de intubação – conjunto de remédios voltados a auxiliar na intubação de pacientes com nível crítico de evolução da Covid-19

PAHO will help Brazil buy drugs for intubation

 PAHO’s Brazil Director Socorro Gross told journalists the organization is ready to make the immediate offer of eight of the more than 20 drugs used in intubation. After the acquisition proceedings are completed, these items may start arriving in two weeks, she noted.

O presidente da República, Jair Bolsonaro, durante reunião da XII Cúpula de Líderes do BRICS (videoconferência).

Bolsonaro: Brazil to unveil list with illegal wood importers

In his address at the 12th summit meeting of Brics countries, the president once again rebutted the “attacks” the country has been dealt concerning wild fires and deforestation in the Amazon region. “I believe that, after the disclosure [of the list], relevant to everyone, this practice will decrease considerably in this region,” he declared.

Indígenas que participam  do Acampamento Terra Livre, fazem protesto na Esplanada dos Ministérios

Indigenous call for emergency fund to tackle coronavirus

Many of the 850 thousand indigenous people in the country live in remote areas in the Amazon, with limited access to health services.
O ministro da Saúde, @TeichNelson
, participa de videoconferência, neste domingo (19), com ministros dos países do #G20

Brazil health minister highlights WHO role in fighting COVID-19

The minister said the country is committed to joining efforts with other international agencies.