Born in December have until the 31st to join the loot-birthday

Deadline is to receive the benefit this year

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Workers born in December have, from today (1st) until December 31st, to join the withdrawal-anniversary from the Employment Guarantee Fund (FGTS) and receive the benefit this month. The modality allows the withdrawal of part of the FGTS account balance, annually, in the anniversary month.

After this period, those born in December who opt for the withdrawal-birthday will only carry out the withdrawal next year.

Migration to the loot-birthday system is not mandatory. Those who do not opt-in remain with the withdrawal withdrawal, a traditional system, in which the worker, when dismissed without just cause, has the right to a full withdrawal from his FGTS account, with a termination fine.

How to opt for the birthday loot

The option for withdrawal-anniversary can be made at any time through the available channels: FGTS application, on the website, on the Internet Banking Caixa or at the bank's branches.

The FGTS birthday withdrawal amounts are available for withdrawal until the last business day of the second month following the acquisition of the withdrawal right. For those born in December, the money is available until February 28th.

If the worker does not withdraw the appeal within this period, the money automatically returns to the FGTS account.

The redemption of money can be done through the FGTS application, available for tablets and smartphones on Android and iOS systems. In this case, the worker can schedule the transfer of money to any account in his name, regardless of the bank.

Withdrawals can also be made at lottery outlets, ATMs and Caixa Aqui correspondents, with the Citizen Card, password and identification document.

withdrawal amounts

The amount to be released varies according to the balance of each account in the worker's name. In addition to a percentage, he will receive a fixed additional, according to the total in the account. The amount to be withdrawn varies from 50% of the balance without additional installment, for accounts up to R$500, to 5% of the balance and an additional R$2.9 thousand for accounts over R$20 thousand.

Tabela de valores do saque-aniversário


The employee opting for the withdrawal-birthday will be entitled to partial withdrawal of his FGTS annually, regardless of termination of employment contract. If termination occurs, the worker may only withdraw the amount referring to the termination fine, when due. The remaining balance of the linked account will compose the balance of the annual installment of the birthday withdrawal.

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