Second day of Enem application is tomorrow

It is recommended that you bring your Enrollment Confirmation Card

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Participants of the National Secondary Education Examination (Enem) 2021 will take the math and natural science tests tomorrow (28). The tests will be applied both to candidates registered in the printed version and in the digital version of the exam. The questions will be the same in both modalities.

As in the race last Sunday (21), it is mandatory to wear a face mask. The identity document and the black ink ballpoint pen made of transparent material are also mandatory items in the test. In digital Enem, answers are given on the computer, but participants receive a scratch sheet to do the calculations by hand, so the pen is also required.

On the first day of Enem, participants took the language, humanities and writing tests. Altogether, 74% of the 3.1 million applicants attended the exam .

The printed Enem is performed at 11,074 test locations in 1,747 municipalities. In this modality, there are more than 460 thousand people involved in applying the exam, including state and municipal coordinators, applicators, copywriters and supervisors. The digital Enem, on the other hand, involves more than 17 thousand people in carrying out the tests. The exam in this format will be administered at 831 test locations in 99 municipalities.

This will be the second Enem applied this year, since the 2020 tests were postponed because of the pandemic and ended up being applied in January and February.

what you need to know

Enem 2021 has special rules due to the pandemic. The use of a face mask is mandatory at the application sites. Participants who have covid-19 or other infectious diseases should not attend the exam and may request reapplication. Failure to comply with the rules may lead to the candidate's elimination.

On the day of the test, in addition to a face mask, it is mandatory to bring an original identification document with a photo. Digital documents are not accepted. Among the identifications accepted are the Identity Card (CNH), the passport and the Work Card issued after January 27, 1997.

Another mandatory item is the black ink ballpoint pen made of transparent material. It is needed to fill in the answer card on the printed Enem. In Digital Enem, it can be used to annotate the scratch sheet. The use of pencils or erasers is not allowed.

It is also recommended that participants take a snack and water, as the test has a long duration.

It is also recommended that you bring your Enrollment Confirmation Card on the day of the exam. It contains, among other information, the test location. The card can be accessed on the Participant Page .

If you need to prove that you participated in the exam, the student can also, on the Participant's Page, print the Declaration of Attendance for each day of the exam, informing the CPF and password. The declaration must be presented to the applicator at the door of the room on each day. It serves, for example, to justify the absence from work.

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second day of test

On the second day of the exam, participants will solve math and nature science questions. The tests have 45 questions each. The gates open at 12:00 and close at 13:00. It is not allowed to enter after closing the gates. The tests start at 1:30 pm and end at 6:30 pm. The time is Brasília.

Enem selects students for public higher education vacancies, through the Unified Selection System (Sisu), for scholarships in private institutions, through the University for All Program (ProUni), and serves as a parameter for the Student Financing Fund (Fies). The results can also be used to enter Portuguese educational institutions that have an agreement with Inep .

Enem questions

To test their knowledge, students can access Questions Enem for free, a database that gathers all Enem questions from 2009 to 2020. In the Empresa Brasil de Comunicação ( EBC ) system, you can choose which areas of knowledge you want to study. Check here for more details on EBC 's coverage of Enem 2021.

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