Close to 98% of aluminum beverage cans recycled in Brazil

Approximately 292.5 thousand tons have been recycled, close to all

Published on 28/10/2016 - 16:31 By Bruno Bocchini reports from Agência Brasil - São Paulo

The recycling rate for aluminum beverage cans in Brazil reached 97.9% in 2015, a total 292.5 thousand tons of recycled cans, close to the total amount put on sale. The figures were released today (Oct. 28) by the Brazilian Aluminum Association (ABAL) and the Brazilian Association of Manufacturers of Highly Recyclable Cans (Abralatas).

According to the two associations, some $229.4 million have been injected into the Brazilian economy for can collection only. “The value accounts for nearly a million of minimum wages every year, which confirms the key role of recycling in the generation of employment and income for those who work collecting recyclable materials,” said ABAL coordinator for the Recycling Market Committee Mario Fernandez.

According to the organization, can recycling takes up a mere 5% of the energy used in can production from primary aluminum, extracted from bauxite.

Translated by Fabrício Ferreira

Fonte: Close to 98% of aluminum beverage cans recycled in Brazil

Edition: Augusto Queiroz / Nira Foster

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